Mr Taieb Baccouche

Secretary general of Arab Maghreb Union ( AMU)
Taieb Baccouche

Born in 1944 Jammal – Tunisia

I- Government and Political Responsibilities:
The most important positions:
Tunisian Minister of Foreign Affairs (February 2015 - January 2016)
Minister of Education in the transitional government (January 2011 - December 2011)
Secretary General and a founding member of the political Party Nidaa Tunis (June 2012 - September 2015)
Vice-President of the of the political Party Nidaa Tunis (September 2015)
The most important publications:
Book: the Gulf between supremacy and mercenary- published and distributed by Abdul Karim Abdullah institutions 261 p - Tunisia - (1991)

II- Human Rights Responsibilities and Associative
The most important tasks:
Founder and President of Association of Scientific Research for Development (January 2011) and is currently the Honorary Chairman
President of the Arab Institute for Human Rights (1998-2011) and currently Honorary President
The Director of the Arab Journal of Human Rights (1996-2011)
Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Arab Institute for Human Rights (1990-1998)
Founder and president of the Association of Meetings of Free Thoughts (1989)
Founding member of the Tunisian League for the Defense of Human Rights (1976) and Head of its chapter in Manazeh and Manars (1990-1988) 

The most important publications:
Book: Reflections on Democracy and Human Rights (the Arab Institute for Human Rights publications) - p. 203 2004
Essay "Human’s and Peoples’ rights" (Arabic encyclopedia of knowledge for sustainable development) - Volume III of the social dimension. p319- 336 (2007)

III- Trade Union Responsibilities:
The most important positions:
Secretary General of the Tunisian General Labor Union (1981- 1984)
Director of the newspaper the People (1981 - 1985)
Secretary General of the Association of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the University of Education (during the seventies)
Assistant of the General Union of Tunisian Workers Secretary General (1977- 1984)
Secretary General of the League of Education (1976- 1977)
Secretary General and a founding member of the Association of Higher Education and Scientific Research (1974- 1976)
The most important publications:
The article "The Trade Union Movement and Democracy in Tunisia" (Interview with Taieb Baccouche): Published by Tamimi Foundation for Scientific Research and Information. (P. 176 Arabic and French) 2003

IV- Academic Responsibilities:
The most important tasks:
Teacher-researcher and professor of Higher Education (1969-2004)
Secretary General of the Association of Lingual Mediterranean Meetings (since 1998)
Chairman and a founding member of the Linguistic Studies Association (1995- 2002)

V- Academic Certificates:
 1. State PhD in Linguistics (the University of Paris -Sorbonne) 1980
2. DEA in Arabic Language and Literature (the University of Paris -Sorbonne) 1968
3. Graduate Diploma in Linguistics (the University of Paris -Sorbonne) 1966
4. BA in Arabic Language and Literature (Tunisian) 1965
5. Higher Education degree in French Language and Literature in 1964
6. Higher Education degree in Ancient History and Archeology 1963

VI – Overall Publications:
About 25 books written between the Individual Articles and Joint Articles authored or supervised, in Arabic and French
About sixty articles in linguistics in English and French, in many magazines and Arab and international knowledge centers.
Dozens of articles and research in English and French in the social and political sphere and in particular about democracy and human rights

1. The most important linguistic publications:
Individual books
1994 The Intruder in the modern Arabic (French) p544. 
1981 Keys for Linguistics (Arabization of George Mounin’s book) new. Tunisia p180.2nd copy, Saidane Tunisia 1994.p.180 
A 1973 Arabic conjugation through the modern science of voices, Bin Abdullah institutions Tunisia.1973 p 199 revised copy, 1987.203 p. I 3: 1992.
Written Joint Articles
2005 Towards the logic of meaning (Arabization Jointly with Salah Mejri of the book Robert Martin, published 2005).
2004 Tunisian Atlas of Linguistics (Joint Articles with Salah Mejri)p110 
1993 In the Word (jointly with Salah Mejri) Dar El-Janoub publishing house. Tunisia p 150 
1993 Salah El-Guermadi and the Linguistic Pluralism (jointly with Salah Mejri) Faculty of Arts Manouba, Tunisia 63 p.
1981 Kalila Wa Demna of Abdullah Ibn al Muquaffaa, edited the text, form, explanation and introduction (jointly).
1973 "Your Guide to the Tunisian Arabic," (jointly).Tunisia p 55 (Ouvsat).
 Oversaw the publication of collective books
2002 Lingual Studies - Linguistic association in Tunis - Volume 4, p 157 in Arabic and 139 p non Arabic.
2002 Lingual Studies - Linguistic association in Tunis - Volume 5 (p. 238 p. 69 in Arabic and French)
Joint publication of collective books
2004 Installation and Lexical Calcification (With Jacques Francois and Salah Mejri). Paris. 
2003 Translation of the Language and Culture (in conjunction with Salah Mejri and Andre Classe and Gaston Gross) 364p.
2003 Linguistic and Social Sciences and Modern Technologies.  Number 1 (in conjunction with Salah Mejri).
2001 Translation between the Equation and Compatibility (with the involvement of Salah Mejri and André Class and Gaston Gross) Higher Institute of Languages ??in Tunis.
2001 Language and the Other, the Tunisian Atlas Lingual, number 120
2000 Translation, Theory and Practice (involving Salah Mejri and Gaston Gross and Andre Class), the Upper House of Teachers in Tunis.
2000 Translation, Linguistic Variety and Current Practice, M.d.v. S. C Tunisia, Collection in Linguistics
Number 11.
2000 Translation, in the Arab world. Special publication from Mita (in conjunction with Salah Mejri and Andrei Class) Volume 45 Number 3. Canada.
1998: The "Memory of speech" (in French) Two volumes. Tunisia
1998: The "Grammar of the Media" 
1998: The "Lexical Calcification" 
1997: The Linguistic Studies (dedicated to Abdul Qader Al Muhairi and in conjunction with Salah Mejri)
Volume 3, (publications of the Linguistics association in Tunis) 179 p. In Arabic and 127 p in French and English.

2. Articles in Arabic:
 Individual Articles
2004: "The Problems of Human Rights Translation," Reflections on democracy and human rights, published by  the Institute Arab Human Rights, Tunisia, studies 5, pp. 137-147.
2004: "After the Development in Linguistic Studies," the same source, pp. 148-164.
2000: "Translation of the Names of Allah" translation theory and practice, pp. 429-439
2000: "For an Atlas in Arabic Language" Tunisian Review of Social Sciences, number 120, S.s 25-34.
1998: "Muhammad Alaklari Translator", Mohammed Alaklari between the University and the Community, a series of scholar articles, publishing House of Public Services . Tunisia, pp. 17-21.
1997: The "Two-Way Concept in the Arab Acoustics". Linguistic Studies, Vol. 3. Tunisia, pp. 30-39.
1995: "Relationship between the Languages and they levels in the Arabic Heritage, Tunisian University number 36, pp. 11-34.
1990: "The Problem of Classical Standard Arabic and the Dialect". Among the issues of the Contemporary Arabic, ALECSO issues. Tunisia, pp. 173-214.
1990: "Is Classical Standard Arabic and the Dialect two languages?". The Tunisian Journal of Social Sciences, number 100, pp. 81-95.
1990: "Linguistic Characteristics in the Poetry of Said Abu Bakr" Seminar of Bayt Al-Hikma on Saeed Abu Bakr. Tunisia. (Not published works).
1989: "Some Methodological Problems in the Historical Arab Dictionary" International Symposium in Tunis, Lexical Magazine number 5-6. Tunisia 1990 pp. 387-407.
1981: "The Science of Exchange between the Arab and Theories of Modern Linguistics" Tunisian Review of Social Sciences, the number 66. Tunisia pp. 7-48.
1981: "The Attempt to Apply the Methodology of Structural Descriptions on Real-time Models of Buildings Morphological Arabic" Tunisian Review of Social Sciences, the number 67. Tunisia, pp. 133-173.
1974: "Acoustic Theories in the Book of Sibawayh," Tunisian University, 11. Tunisia pp. 141-152 (paper presented at the World Conference in Shiraz - Iran in 1974 to mark the passage of 12 centuries on the death of Sibawayh).
1974: "Arabization and the Linguistic Duality in Tunisia," Journal of Linguistics Volume 1, Number 2 Algeria in 1974, pp. 295-305 (re-published magazine originality. No. 17-18. Algeria pp. 295-305.
1973: "The Manhal and the Position of the Arab dictionaries from Modern Concepts of" the Periodicals of the University of Tunisia 10. Tunisia pp.37-54.
1968: "Educational Linguistic Studies ", Global Education. Tunisia pp. 16-19.
Joint Articles
2000: " Tunisian Atlas Lingual: his Islamic identity and development factor" (in conjunction with Salah Mejri) on the agenda of a seminar: Languages ??and its future in Tunisia, Higher Institute of Languages ??in Tunisia, pp. 293-299
1996: "In problematic terminological device Arab lingual adjust" (in conjunction with Salah Mejri), Linguistic Studies, Vol. 1. Tunisia, pp. 9-23.
1992: "Salah Al-Guermadi" (in conjunction with Salah Mejri), the Tunisian Encyclopedia, pamphlet, pp. 52-60.
1989: "Glossary of Linguistic and Media terms" (jointly), Arabic Linguistics and Media, Center for Economic and Social Studies and Research, University of Tunis, Tunisia 7. Series in linguistics, pp. 139-166.
3. Articles in Foreign Languages:
34 individually articles
11 articles in conjunction
4. Donated books to Taieb Baccouche
2007: At the Crossroads of Words (collective) 328 p. In French and Arabic, p. 81, Sousse University, College of Arts and Humanities and the University of Paris 13.informant, Dictionaries and Media Treatment (A la Croisée des Mots)
2006: The Arabic Dialect (under the supervision of Salah Mejri), works of an international conference, publication of the Center for Studies and Economic, Social Research 509 p, in French. (L'arabe dialectal Publ CERES)
2000: Taieb Baccouche Linguistically (collective) 111 p. In Arabic and 16 p. In French, Public services publishing house Tunisia